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During Sep-Oct 2018, Students from grade 1-5 were taken to Tiger Lily Petting Farm and Hands-On Museum, located in Bhaktapur at Sirutar-4, Nepal, which is just 2.5 Km. away from Arniko high way and Kaushaltar intersection. This is an educational children's petting Zoo which gives a one on one kind of learning experience to school age kids family and adult about root source of everyday needs items like rice, wheat, corn, cereal, dairy products meat and eggs. It also specializes in interactive exhibits of domestic animals, farmland and Do it Yourself Hands- on Museum with the goal of helping both children and adults to educate about the role of farmer, farming, seed , food grains and old time country's tools/ technology and machines which includes Janto, dhikki, Manapathi, theki madani, halo juwa, archery and hydro power and more. Also, students also had the chance to meet farmer and have a quick lecture from him about what it takes to bring the food on our table. By visiting the farm, students had the clear view of the source of those essential stuffs. Also they were made aware of importance of the curiosity, honesty, and openness and learnt that humans and domestic animals cohabitate and compete for the same resources on a daily basis for survival. Also they were able to learn how to respect the animals and pets in humane way. Beside visiting our museum and learning about animals, their behaviour and characteristics, students also got indulged in fun activities like: Milk our friendly cow. Ride a horse. Ride tractor drawn hayride. Play tag, running around a giant haystack. Brush the belly of our pigs. Play with our baby lamb, goat, chicks, and ducklings. Take a picture with our huge North American Turkey’s. Learn how to use the bow and arrow. Win a prize, carrying a small pot of water jug in your back using doko & namlo. Play in the sand using all shovel and bins. Play in our mini golf and learn the potting technique. Use playground for jumping rope, climbing tree, slide, swing and monkey bar. Learn butter churning technique using old time Theki & Madani. Walk in at seed bank and observe grandma's heirloom seed. Climb a tree. Run wild in open field, get hungry and walk in to Long Horn Inn cafe for Pizza, delicious meals and more.

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