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Under the provision of "Asian Rugby Exchange Fest- 2019", 9 shuvatarians along with our Principal Mr Khyam Nath Timsina had an opportunity to visit Japan recently. The teams representing both Nepal and our school flew to Japan on 25th September 2019!! They participated as guest spectators, in the Rugby World Cup match held between Italy and Canada, scheduled at Fukuoka, Japan; played 2 friendly matches with students team of Japanese schools; and visited school at Japan for academic, cultural, social, sports collaboration as well!! The selected students were Prashamsya Man Karmacharya 8C, Ethan Joshi 8C, Sasmit Jyu Thakuri 8C, Shijant Dhakal 8A, Utkrishta Shakya 8B, Ananta Pakhrin 8B, Sujal Tuladhar 8B, Saron Shrestha 8B, Shranav Ratna Tuladhar 8B!! Shuvatarians had a wonderful time at Japan, experiencing the ongoing Rugby World Cup 2019; visiting & collaborating with Japanese schools for possible cultural, physical, social and sports discourses; playing friendly matches against the local Japanese student Rugby team; & most importantly gathering and exchanging academic, socio-cultural experiences!! Mr Timsina was also given an opportunity to address closing ceremony of the "Asian Rugby Exchange Fest 2019", where he shared his views on possible future collaborations, thanked the hosts and handed over Shuvatarian and Nepal themed souvenirs. This visit has certainly strengthened International collaboration of Shuvatara School, and was an exciting opportunity to represent Nepal in International diaspora.

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