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Music And Dance

The school provides a well equipped training for both western and local singing and musical instruments such as drums, violin, keyboard, flute, tabala, guitar, etc. Students receive opportunities to learn about their cultural tradition through music and dance and present their talents in different shows.

Be Creative
Art and Craft

This department trains students interested in artistic and aesthetic creations by teaching them important aspects of the course. Students are encouraged to explore their hidden talents and discover their potentials.This department also helps other departments in presenting creativity, talent and creative expressions. Art and craft is a part of the daily curriculum in classes.

Physical Education

Sports coaches who train in different sports like basketball, football, badminton, track and field events etc. train the children in the games of their choices and trained specialists in taekwondo, wushu, karate etc. are present as part time trainers..

Extra Activities In

Shuvatara has a wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in order to help students explore their talents and develop their skills. Each child finds a sport or activity that interests them and teachers provide them the necessary guidance n skills.To keep the students active and motivated, we offer excursions, field trips, picnics, theatre, art and craft, music, dance, sports etc. Vocational skills like kitchen gardening, recycling, social services and meditation, counseling etc. are also provided..

Science and Computers

Students use well-equipped labs for Science and Computer classes from upper primary to high school levels and are encouraged to observe, critically analyze , and think things through for deeper understanding. They put up exhibitions and present their findings related to eco-friendly and cost effective experiments.Teachers and students are also provided with computers as information technology is essential for growth. Students and parents are required to sign an IT policy agreement so that the use of IT in the school is not misused. The school provides extended IT learning through 3di activities in all classes .

Enjoy Healthy and Tasty

The school kitchen is clean and modern and fresh, warm meals of good quality, quantity and a big variety are prepared for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians by experienced and caring chefs. The school dining hall has the capacity to feed 400 people at once.

Get Healthy With The
Nursing Services

Checkups by doctors in any case of emergency is taken to the B&B Hospital, or the Mediciti hospital.

Feel Homely At
The Hostel

Residential students are provided with a homely living facility with a live-in Dorm Parent and teachers who take care of all the needs of students. During holidays, they are engaged in productive activities while still giving them ample time to enjoy their personal free time. Monthly home visits and bi-monthly parent visits keep a connection between home and school. The hostel has fresh running water, solar heated water and balanced and healthy food prepared by professional and experienced cooks. Residential students are given extra facilities like formal dining events, dorm cultural night, meditation, yoga, treks, special interest clubs and visitors programs etc.

Learn In
The Library

Students use the library extensively which is full of books for all levels of readers. It is also equipped with audiovisual and e-library facilities.

Commute Via
Transport System

The school transportation system is well developed with a retinue of buses and staff who ply the different areas of Kathmandu Valley, giving care to each child in the bus for their comfort and safety.

Share Your Problems With The
Friendly Counsellor

Mental health is an important part of a child's overall health and has a profound impact on a child's physical health and his or her ability to succeed in school and in society. The mental health of a child is as important as the child's physical health in affecting how the child thinks, feels, and acts, both on the inside and outside. At Shuvatara our school counselor Mr Ajay Karki has a background and experience,as a psycho social counselor,psychotherapist and life coach,to consider the complete spectrum of a child's or adolescent's mental development in the areas of identity, emotions, interpersonal and social relations,cognition,and biology. Counseling can help children and adolescents meet the challenges of growing up,such as stress, anxiety, depression,major life changes and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues which can lead to problems at school or home.

And Enjoy, Many More