First Mahalaxmi Municipality Level President Running Shield Competition 2076

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Shuvatara School is proud to be associated with Mahalaxmi Municipality, as a venue partner and participant school, in the First Mahalaxmi Municipality Level President Running Shield
Competition 2076. The sporting event was inaugurated in the presence of Krishna Lal Maharjan (Member of House of Representative, Lalitpur-2,Province-3), Madhav Prasad Paudel (Chairperson, Province Affairs Committee, State Assembly no- 3), Rameshwor Shrestha (Mayor, Mahalaxmi Municipality), Nirmala Thapa (Deputy Mayor, Mahalaxmi Municipality), Bishwa Raj Shrestha (Chairperson, Ward no- 8, Lubhu), Basudev Sharma Gautam (Chairperson, Ward no- 9, Lamatar), representatives from Mahalaxmi Municipality, District Sporting Committe, and various schools of Lalitpur district. Shuvatara bagged the 2nd runner up position in the overall competition, with a Gold Medal in Girls; Volleyball, Gold Medal and Silver Medal in Girls Shot-put, Bronze Medal in Girls 100m and the 4th place in Boys’ Volleyball categories respectively.

Mahalaxmi Municipality Level Open Marathon 2076

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Shuvatara School, Lamatar is proud to be associated with " Mahalaxmi Municipality Level Open Marathon 2076", asa venue and lunch partner, for 600 guests, participants, volunteers!! The Chief Guest for the event was Ms Pampha Bhusal (Parliamentarian); Special Guests Mr Madhav Poudel (Parliamentarian), Mr Rameshwor Shrestha (Mayor, Mahalaxmi Municipality), Mrs Nirmala Thapa (Deputy Mayor, Mahalaxmi Municipality), various Ward Chairperson of Mahalaxmi Municipality, Mr Shyam Sunder Lal Kakshapati (Chairman, Shuvatara School, Lamatar), National Marathon Runner Mr Baikuntha Manandhar, representatives from various Political Parties, Schools/Colleges, Police officials, Media persons among others!! Shyam sir was felicitated with special recognition award by the organizing committee, for his contribution in organizing the grand event. The event also helped in strengthening the linkage and collaboration with the Mahalaxmi Municipality. The event was covered by national medias, newspaper.

Celebrating 30 Years: Shuvatara

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On 16th March 2019, 30th year of inception of Shuvatara School was celebrated in the school premise. In this important event, 36 former students who have done outstanding work in various fields, since passing out from school, were invited and felicitated. Ms Anuradha Koirala, governor of State-3, and CNN hero was the chief guest for the occasion who inaugurated Community Learning Center and Shuvatara Teachers Training and Research Center(STRC). The event also had various game stalls, musical show, followed by fund raising event.

Japan Tour

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Under the provision of "Asian Rugby Exchange Fest- 2019", 9 shuvatarians along with our Principal Mr Khyam Nath Timsina had an opportunity to visit Japan recently. The teams representing both Nepal and our school flew to Japan on 25th September 2019!! They participated as guest spectators, in the Rugby World Cup match held between Italy and Canada, scheduled at Fukuoka, Japan; played 2 friendly matches with students team of Japanese schools; and visited school at Japan for academic, cultural, social, sports collaboration as well!! The selected students were Prashamsya Man Karmacharya 8C, Ethan Joshi 8C, Sasmit Jyu Thakuri 8C, Shijant Dhakal 8A, Utkrishta Shakya 8B, Ananta Pakhrin 8B, Sujal Tuladhar 8B, Saron Shrestha 8B, Shranav Ratna Tuladhar 8B!! Shuvatarians had a wonderful time at Japan, experiencing the ongoing Rugby World Cup 2019; visiting & collaborating with Japanese schools for possible cultural, physical, social and sports discourses; playing friendly matches against the local Japanese student Rugby team; & most importantly gathering and exchanging academic, socio-cultural experiences!! Mr Timsina was also given an opportunity to address closing ceremony of the "Asian Rugby Exchange Fest 2019", where he shared his views on possible future collaborations, thanked the hosts and handed over Shuvatarian and Nepal themed souvenirs. This visit has certainly strengthened International collaboration of Shuvatara School, and was an exciting opportunity to represent Nepal in International diaspora.

Inter House Water Polo

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Shuvatara School organized "Inter House Boys & Girls Water Polo event, at school premise on 7th August 2019!! The event was first of its kind, to be conducted in school in Nepal. Congratulations Moondrops, for coming out victorious; & a well-deserved applause to the participating team and players as well.

Shuva MUN

The third edition of Shuvatara MUN, organized by former students of Shuvatara, commenced from 8th Aug - 11th Aug 2019. The 3 day event aimed to discuss multilateral issues including the crisis in South Sudan, controlling the proliferation of modern weapons, termination of genocide of Yazidis and Christians in Syria and Iraq etc. The opening ceremony was conducted under the presence of Chief Guest Lt. General CB Gurung; the founding director of Shuvatara School, Mrs. Rani Kakshapati; Chairman of Shuvatara School, Mr. Shyam Kakshapati; School Principal Mr. Khyam N. Timsina, School Administrator Mr. Prawesh Khanal and the special guests Nathan Markowski, Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed, Mrs. Bina Gurung and Mrs. Ela Pia. 150 participants from 7 different schools attended the event, which took place at Shuvatara School in Lamatar. The opening ceremony took place early in the morning, where the participants, referred as delegates, were welcomed. The event organizers and the dais members of different committees were also acknowledged by the guests present at the ceremony.In this year’s Shuvatara Model United Nations, the delegates represented over 50 countries in six different committees of the United Nations, namely United Nations Environment Environment Program (UNEP), Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), Economics and Financial Committee (ECOFIN), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM) and United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where they discussed different agendas related to their specific committees. The discussions lasted for three days, and the resolutions were announced on the final day of the conference on August 11. SOCHUM, for example, urged the formation of a third body named ISIS Eradication and Refugee Management for their agenda, which was the termination of genocide of Yazidis and Christians in Syria and Iraq. The best delegates were acknowledged in the closing ceremony held on 11th August 2019, in the presence of Chief Guest Ms. Bandana Rana, Ms. Meekha Mathema, Mrs. Rani Gurung Kakshapati, Mr. Khyam N. Timsina and Mr. Prawesh Khanal. Ms. Rana is the Vice Chair of UN CEDAW Committee and the Chair of Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. She is also the Co-founder and Strategic Advisor of Saathi, Nepal. Ms. Rana also addressed the delegates with a few words of her own and shared her experience working for the United Nations. She highlighted how Nepal is using UN mandates to upgrade the lives of women and emphasized on the negotiation skill of UN diplomat, which is highly recognized all over the world. She further inspired students, by stating examples on how right attitude, positivity, confidence and self-dignity will take one to new heights. Special guest Ms. Meekha Mathema also attended the event and addressed the audience with inspiring words of her own. She is a professional teacher, educationist and founder of Daya Foundation. She aims to establish quality libraries in community schools, indulges in uplifting the overall community school development and emphasizes on education outside classroom as well.
All in all, the 3rd SHUVA MUN was a grand success, which imparted communicating, negotiating, debating skills in students as per the UN standards.

Teacher’s Meeting and Workshop by Dr. Kashiraj Pandey

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Staff Meeting" followed by a workshop on "Life & Learning" by Dr. Kashiraj Pandey, Associate Professor, School of Arts, Kathmandu University, was conducted on July 28th 2019, at Shuvatara premise. The teachers meeting involved reflection of exams, feedback and suggestions regarding overall school development.

Book Drive- Book donation to Shiksha Nepal

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After the orientation by the representatives from Shiksha Nepal about their Ek Kitaab campaign, the Shuvatara school students got involved in book collection campaign. The collected books were dispatched to the Chairman of Shiksha Nepal on July 17th 2019 in a ceremony organized at School Library.

206th Bhanu Jayanti

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On July 13th, 2019, "206th Bhanu Jayanti 2076" was celebrated in Shuvatara premise. Shuvatarians participated actively and joyfully, in paying respect to one of the great literary genius of Nepali Literature. The event was anchored by the HOD of Nepali department, Mr Shyam KC. The event also saw students performing various poems, plays, music etc.