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The graduates of the school, 22 batches to be exact, have spread out to different parts of the globe, some pursuing higher studies, some already into successful careers and others making a difference in whichever field they find themselves. The Shuvatara graduates have received scholarships in the best of colleges abroad, and can also study within their own country as well. They have not caused, a brain drain as it were, as their roots are firmly rounded and they can fit into the appropriate Nepali colleges any time, and take up their studies or jobs. They are well grounded in the realities of their country and can live and adjust in Nepal, serving their Country and God in diverse fields, as their school has taught them. Thus, they reflect the maxim of thinking globally , acting locally and making a social impact in society as per motto of the school.

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A big shout out to all 36 Shuvatarians receiving prizes for the 30th Anniversary Shuva Samman prizes!

The prizes were selected on the basis of their contributions to society in different spheres. The school values the goals of creativity, hard work, national and social welfare and multi-facelted talents as well as academic and intellectual excellence congratulations to the coveted winners of the Shuva Samman 2019!

We encourage other Alumni who have achieved considerable success in different fields to submit your resume for the next-round of Shuva Samman, happening in 2022 A.D every three years. Let us know about the varied and interesting carrers choices you are marking and how you are upholding the Shuvatarians spirit in your lives! Please update us with full details about yourself!

We'd love to hear from you!
- Rani Gurung Kakshapati

The Shuvatarians who were awarded for Shuva Samman in 16th march 2019 are:-

  • Prajwol Pathak (Medicine and Research)
  • Dr. Nirvan Rai (Surgery Orthopedics)
  • Sudin bir singh kangsakar (Medical Consultant)
  • Anu lohani (Cyber Risk Management)
  • Shashank lal shrestha (Equity Trading)
  • Saugat Pulami (IT specialist)
  • Samridha kunwar (Science and Research)
  • Roopesh silwal (Physics and Research)
  • Kalyan Mathema (Research and Human Development)
  • Bishestha Shrestha (Developementalist and Researcher)
  • Amanda M. Gurung (Research and International Development)
  • Erisha Suwal (Research and Social Development)
  • Shovit raj bhari (Research and System Analyst)
  • Nirpesh dhungel (Genetic engeonomic research and Robotics specialist)
  • Adarsha Man Sherchan (Research and Human Development)
  • Amol kasajoo ()
  • Samrakshak bhusan bajracharya (Tennis Player)
  • Shahaj Shakya (Triahthele-Swimmer)
  • Gaurav giri (Science and Research)
  • Haushala Thapa (Research and Human Development)
  • Angeela shrestha (Research and Human Development)
  • Suzeena Shrestha (Singer)
  • Pranisha Shrestha (Visual Artist and Animation Design)
  • Shashank Jung Thapa ()
  • Paras Kharel (Policy-Relevant Research)
  • Prakrtiee Yonzan (Advocate)
  • Shikar Pandit (Managing Firm)
  • Anmol Kc (Actor and Producer)
  • Evana Manandhar (Miss Nepal World 2015)
  • Avaya Siddhi Bajracharya (Bass Guitarist and Marketing Director)
  • Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati ()
  • Nhooja Tuladhar (Arts Officer and Program Management)
  • Kashis Das Shrestha (Photographer and Policy analyst)
  • Ayushi KC (Enviornment and Agriculture Policy and Development)
  • Denim Shrestha (Human Development)
  • Paramita RL Rana (Actress and Singer)

Shuvatara Experiences

During our afterschool activities, especially, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh program, I got to participate in lot of public speaking and confidence building kind of activities, which I believe, have really helped shape the kind of person I am today.

- Adarshaman Sherchan

For me, I am more serious into my work. I am more realized as a human being. May be it is because of the Yoga classes and Bhajan sessions and many things. I think Shuvatara has a unique culture in itself.

- Shashank Thapa

While I was studying at Shuvatara, even though my studies, was not excellent, I was taught how to struggle, never give up & support each other.

- Demin Krishna Shrestha

Shuvatara trained us to stay humble and not disregard people around you and the environment around you. Believing and knowing where you’re from was a very important lesson that I learnt.

- Shikhar Pandit

I feel it’s an institution, that offers a wealth of opportunities for pretty much everyone interested in, athletics to drama to music to people who want to give back to the community. That’s the main thing, I think, that differentiates, Shuvatara from other schools.

- Anjeela Shrestha

When I think about the times at school, I definitely think, that it has shaped who I’ve become today and added to my character and my personality.

- Praktiee Yonzan

Every Private School should be helping a sister school, which Shuvatara has been doing. One thing that the school has taught us is to help other people.

- Haushala Thapa Zimba

I think Shuvatara is a school with a difference. It has a caring enviornment. The emphasis is not just on books , but also on extracurricuar activity. Students are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

- Paras Kharel

Shuvatara prioritizes more on the overall development of students and bringing out the best in them and letting them reach their potential.

- Punam Mishra

Hello everyone, this is Sasha Chaudri, Shuvatara SLC Batch 2012 and am currently studying veterinary medicine (in 5th Semester) in Hannover, Germany, pursuing my compassion for animals. I joined Shuvatara when I was in pre-school and passed out in the year 2012 and I must say these 12 years that I have spent in school have been the best years of my life so far.The school has taught me important life skills and has instilled in me moral values that I’ll carry forever. Proud to be a Shuvatarian. For God and my country.

- Sasha Chaudri

Thinking of Shuvatara brings back a lot of find memories. The values learnt here stay with us for life. Shuvatara has given me friends and teachers who I will always cherish. I smile when I think about the different uniforms we had to wear, burgers and fries on Wednesdays, Basketball trainings in the morning and the list goes on. Shuvatara School not only ensured our academic development but also our holistic developments and I am forever grateful for that.

- Tanushree Agrawal

Looking back the memory lane, the days I were in Shuvatara have been some of the best days of my life and the values and opportunities I got has undeniably shaped who I am today. Being able to partake in a plethora of activities and the unyielding support of Miss Rani, and all my teachers has given me the confidence and resourcefulness to do well in any circumstance life throws at me. I am forever grateful for the food (still a foodie, so that still comes first), the opportunities and the education Shuvatara has given me. Coming from a small school, I still remember exclaiming “Two more buildings?” astounded by how huge I found the school to be in my first day. I am still fascinated by Shuvatara, but today, more so about how huge of an impact it has made in my life. For God and my Country – Shuvatarian Forever!

- Ayam Shrestha

My Name is Ayush kc and I was the 2016-17 batch of Shuvatara school. As I am an Ex-student of Shuvatara School I really feel proud to be a Shuvatarain. After I completed my SEE I did my +2 from Modern Indian school and now I am preparing to join Nepal Amry Second Lieutenant post. I have almost finished all the Selection procedure and have a few more exams to be give. In my Army career, I often remember my School. I really miss my Teachers who taught me how to write, speak and taught me how to deal with a difficult task. Here in the Army, all the elements that I have gained from school and teachers are being used practically. Out of the 15 selection process, I have completed 10 selection procedures and I am sure that will complete the remaining 5 too. I really wanna say Thank you to Mrs. Rani Gurung Kakshapati, our school principal who gave me a wonderful opportunity to study at Shuvatara School.

- Ayush Kc

I’ll always be greatful for the wonderful 13 years that Shuvatara gave me. Growing up in Shuvatara, it felt like home. Such warm welcoming teachers who inspired us and taught us to do better, friends like family with whom memories were created and without whom life wouldn’t have been so much fun, dai’s and didi’s who provided us with best lunch from Mondays to Fridays and Wednesday being the best. I’m thankful for each and everyone of them.Looking back those were the best days that I’ll cherish forever. Once a Shuvatarian always a Shuvatarian! I find myself privileged to be a part of this school, Thank-you Shuvatara! I would like to wish Shuvatara many more years of love and success. May this school always succeed in bringing light to every life it touches. With the moto "For god and my country ". Go forth and conquer the world Shuvatarians.

- Sichu Shakya

Shuvatara- the place where I started the journey of my life. It only feels like it was yesterday that I joined Shuvatara, my first days of school in grade 2. I just can’t imagine how my school days got over this soon, leaving me with countless memories. However I remember the best days with my best friends laughing in the class as the teachers used to join along. The kind of homely and friendly environment that I couldn’t even ask more. To me Shuvatara never felt like a school just because it felt more like a home. When I remember all these good old days, I get super-emotional yet I always get a smile on my face. From making awesome friends to creating the best memories, I cant thank Shuvatara enough for making my early days just as perfect as they could’ve been. Happiest 30th birthday to shuvatara- where I lived my life to the fullest.

- Binav Man Shrestha

This is Utsarg Thapa, the batch of 2015. I was unable to attend the grand carnival in Lamatar on March of this year because currently I am doing my undergraduate degree in the United States. Shuvataraian life has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I still miss the time when I used to wake up early and go to the school, meet my friends on a daily basis, that desperation for gilt cards, smileys, eager for the class to finish so we could go out and play football, the school life will always be cherished no matter where we'll end up in life. I am still in touch with lots of my school friends and have met them here in the US too.

- Utsarg Thapa

When I first joined Shuvatara in the year 2001, I was a very shy kid. I still remember that I didn't have guts to even turn my head to see who was sitting beside me in the bus. As the year passed Shuvatara boosted my confidence and 7 years down the lane that shy boy became the head boy of the school.. All those years between the shy boy and the head boy, was filled with constant effort of education, values and culture that Shuvatara gave me. It is said that if the base is strong, no one can ever displace you, so here I am as strong a concrete pillar for god and my country. Thank you Shuvatara.

- Devashish Sharma