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Admission Procedure & Policy

New students are enrolled in Grade I and above through A simple admission procedure for which parents need to collect forms online or from the school office, Lamatar or from the city office, Sanepa ,located opposite the old international Club,Sanepa.

Medical forms and other details are required to be submitted along with the form after which the students will have to give an appropriate Aptitude test in English, Nepali, Math and Science. Parents’ interviews are also conducted.


Scholarships are provided for meritorious students economically deserving & staff and teachers children. The school have adopted a shinghery community school and provides scholarship to atleast 265 no of students in the school.

// Curriculum //

Shuvatara School provides the Nepali SEE curriculum in a creative version reflecting the best of both eastern and western learning practices different from other schools and focused on the needs and abilities of each child.

Students of the primary level are taught using an adapted ,creative curriculum which suits their age group. From Grade 6 onwards, students use the curriculum more formally , but are not bound to books alone. They are taught through activities and teaching aids . The SEE curriculum is followed more closely from grade 8 and students are prepared for success in the formal exams as well as for learning and application. The school brings out the best in students in both academic and non-academic skills under the guidance of a skilled and dedicated teaching faculty.

The School follows the triple goal of developing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of every single child under our care , which nurtures not only their intellectual and physical growth but their emotional and behavioural development as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the School cost?

A: The Fees structure for residential students for the current session 2019 is Rs.29,507 per month for grades 4 to 7 and 31,823 per month for grades 8 to 10. These charges include tuition, computers learning, special training and tutorials , food(lunch and tea), accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.
The Fees structure for day pupils for the current session 2019 is Rs.18,140 per month for grades 1 to 3, Rs.19,340 per month for grades 4 to 7 and Rs.20,540 per month for grades 8 to 10. These charges include tuition, computer training and optional subject, special training, food(lunch and tea) and transport.

Q: Where is the School located?

A: It is 30 minutes from the Gwarko Crossing near BNB Hospital.

Q:What is the climate like in Lamatar ?

A: The climate is cool and cold in the winters and warm and hot in the summers and wet and rainy in the monsoons.

Q: What are the facilites that you offer?

A: It has a child-friendly curriculum, trained and experienced teachers , comfortable hostel facilities , good nutritious food, clean, green, fresh environment, small class sizes, computer-aided learning, transport, swimming and many other extra curriculuar activites.

Q: What are the special features of the School?

A: Active curriculum reflecting latest learning technologies and philosophies of education, focus on environmental and social consciousness with hands-on welfare works in the community("Sister School and Grains of Life projects"), creativity in teaching and learning, holistic development of the child with balanced focus on formal and non-formal learning. It has a non-corporal-punishment, non-partisan, non-denominational, not-for-profit and non-discriminatory school philosophy.