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Established in March of 1989, Shuvatara School which provides day and residential classes from grade I to X is unique in its own ways. It not only provides quality education but also guides them in exploring their imagination and sharpening their thinking skills. The students are educated in a supportive and caring environment. They are encouraged to have a feeling of respect for others and themselves and to challenge themselves and become young leaders. Everybody involved with the school; teaching faculty, management and staff, all work hard to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment for students

Education provided at Shuvatara is equivalent to education provided around the world. It has been meeting up with its objective to produce students enthusiastic to learn and to help others through an active social conscience. Shuvatarians have brought up the standards of education in the country due to their unique spirit and constant progression towards higher values and commitment to excellence

Location In Lamatar

Snuggling below the lush green forests of the Sisneri Community Forests lies Shuvatara School custom designed over 120 ropanis of land. It is surrounded by the natural beauty and peace of the Lamatar Hills and is perfect for students because the fresh clean air provides an amazing studying environment; peaceful, quiet and away from the noise of the city. It takes roughly about forty minutes from B&B Hospital by car. Once inside the school, you will be welcomed by the well-planned school facilities and friendly staff and students.