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Message From Prinicpal


Welcome To Shuvatara School

This school has been established so that your child may get the best of both worlds, eastern and western, so that they may be rooted in the best practices of their own culture and country, but be able to make a mark for themselves professionally in the western world as well and it is heartening to note that most of our students are doing exactly that. They have done their schooling and ventured out into the world for further studies or work, or stayed in NEPAL and studied and worked here. Whatever they have chosen to do, most have exercised their choice as free individuals and taken up subjects as diverse as jewellery designing to legal practice, to nuclear medicine to social work, to education or business. A strong vein of loyalty to their school and country runs through all Shuvatarians which may well become a mark of the kind of nurturing in values that the school has given them. As the school turns thirty this year, we feel the need to celebrate our diversely talented student’s alumni, and honor the ones whom we know have already begun to earn name and fame for themselves and the work they do. Thus, on 16th March 2019, at least 30 Ex-Shuvatarians were felicitated for their pioneering works. Though there made be many more who deserve the felicitaion of whom we are not aware , we pledge to keep track of our students through the coming years and honour them regularly. We encourage the Ex-students to keep us informed of their activities and achievements so that we can give them due recognition and take pride in their success stories. Thank You

Dr. Nabarath Baniya

Shuvatara Prinicipal