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Founders Message

...So these last thirty years have been all about setting standards, maintaining quality and serving as a role model for that subtle differentiating factor. It is difficult to express that difference without appearing over-confident. But in the last thirty years of our existence, and if testimonies of ex- students and parents are to be counted, the school stands out as a caring and excellent school.

How does Shuvatara care??

It shows in many different ways. First it shows in the ambience of the school and in the physical facilities planned for the student's welfare. Then the caring is evident in the efforts to develop their aesthetics, their physical prowess and their academic and social activities. Special mention must be made about the overall development of the student where a holistic approach is used to develop the child's spiritual, mental and emotional well-being, so that they become well-balanced, harmonized personalities. Equal emphasis is placed on the nurturing of social, community and national values. Also the creativity of the students is sharpened and enhanced through various creative activities.Problem issues are handled through an active monitoring and counseling system and through a child-centered, assertive discipline policy.

The caring policy of Shuvatara extends to the level of allowing parents enough time to pay their school dues, as well as a fair salary policy for both the academic and administrative staff. Also the rights of the child are protected by giving them a fair hearing in matters and issues of the school.

And let us not forget how caring Shuvatara is towards the community. The several community projects and activities that the school has undertaken is ample proof of this. The school has had brilliant success stories, and it's ex-students have spread out far and wide with the Shuvatarian spirit. They have become globally and locally relevant as is the goal of the school. This year being our thirtieth anniversary, we saw the inauguration of the Lamatar CLC or Community Learning Centre building by the Honorable Governor of Province 3, Mrs. Anuradha Koirala. We also honored 30 successful graduates for achieving a wide spectrum of success in various fields and for keeping the Shuvatarian Flag flying high.

We invite you to take part in the Shuvatarian dream project of producing creative, caring and responsible leaders for God and Country.

Thank You.

Shyam and Rani Kakshapati

Founders Shuvatara School

Photo Of Preschool Children - 1991

Established on the 16th of March 1989, Shuvatara School started off its journey with only 34 students. The number of the students had doubled by the second year and by the time the school celebrated its third anniversary, it was already on its way towards becoming a leading and pioneering child -centered school with value based education and overall development. The school was named Shuvatara after the founding mother of the school, Mrs. Shuv Gurung, mother of Mrs. Rani Gurung Kakshapati, the Founder Director.

The school shifted to lamatar permanently after the earthquake April 2015 to provide more space and a healthier, greener and safer space for children to grow and learn in.

So far, twenty two(22nd) batches of school leaving graduates and about 2500 plus students have entered the gates of this educational institution and we are proud to say that almost everywhere they go, Shuvatarians have fared well and made a mark for themselves.