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This school has been established so that your child may get the best of both worlds, eastern and western, so that they may be rooted in the best practices of their own culture and country....

Who We Are

Established in March of 1989, Shuvatara School which provides day and residential classes from grade I to X is unique in its own ways. It not only provides quality education but also guides them in exploring their imagination and sharpening their thinking skills. The students are educated in a supportive and caring environment. They are encouraged to have a feeling of respect for others and themselves and to challenge themselves and become young leaders. Everybody involved with the school; teaching faculty, management and staff, all work hard to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment for students. Education provided at Shuvatara is equivalent to education...

Management Team

Mr Shyam kakshapati

Founder ChairMan

Mrs Rani kakshapati

Founder Director

Dr. Nabarath Baniya


Mr Prawesh Khanal



Established on the 16th of March 1989, Shuvatara School started off its journey with only 34 students. The number of the students had doubled by the second year and by the time the school celebrated its third anniversary, it was already on its way towards becoming a leading and pioneering child -centered school with value based education and overall development.

// Vision And Mission //

Shuvatara aims to bridge the gaps in the Nepali education system and provide students with creative, caring and well-rounded education. The school intents to guide young minds to be globally competitive while still being connected to their roots The learning environment at Shuvatara rewards effort and progress and builds not only academic strength but also the ability to reflect and make decisions, and be responsible towards one’s community.