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// Mission & Objectives //

Shuvatara School seeks to bring forth and the innate potentials in each child and create a humane, responsible, joyful and productive society for God and Country.

The objectives of the school are:
  • To inspire and encourage learning and develop a sense of joy in learning by a wide range of resources, supportive classroom environment, and developmental infrastructure along with trained and caring teachers.
  • The school develops the skills of emphatic communication, teamwork, creativity and compassion. This is carefully executed through extra and co-curricular activities . The hidden curriculum of Shuvatara encourages empathy and kindness. There is a balance between the development of head and mind and the development of the heart and emotional strength.
  • Each child's progress is closely monitored through a combination of academic and non academic programs. Personal or academic growth or lack of growth is kept track of through each teacher as a counselor with extra classes , consultations with parents and the school counsellor.
  • Each child is encouraged to achieve some success in their school life, even if they are not strong in academics . Every success is appreciated in the child to help them develop a healthy self-image, self-confidence and self-discipline. Winning alone by any means is not the sole criteria of analyzing a successful child.
  • To develop appreciation and first hand knowledge of the arts, music, dance, language and cultural customs, children develop finer sensibilities through exposure to western and eastern arts forms .They are taught to learn acceptance of diversity and appreciation of differences though art forms, drama , folk lore in their own and other cultures.
  • To develop a keen interest in community building and sharing of resources through regular sister-school and other fundraising and awareness raising activities. The children are given hands-on opportunities to design their own service-projects to help the needy. The school has an active community development and environmental awareness-raising curriculum built in to the formal studies.